To Spend The Night On Earth
And Learn From The Land

Memu in Taiki Town, Hiroo County, Hokkaido. In this place that means “where the spring wells up” in the indigenous Ainu language, there used to be Taiki Farm, a training center that produced many famous thoroughbred race horses for Japan’s horse racing industry. Soon, the vast meadows of over 185,000 square meters that was left after the farm was moved, turned into “Memu Meadows”, an experimental cold climate residential facility, in 2011. It then became one of the rare “sacred grounds of architecture” of the world, where residential houses from Japan’s most renowned architects like Kengo Kuma and Toyo Ito and winners of the “International University Architecture Competition” are scattered across the land.

November, 2018. We “Memu Earth Hotel” was born after inheriting the memories of the experimental residences and the farm and converting them into a hotel through renovation work. The hotel aims to provide “service” for the customers so they can enjoy the progressive architecture and have a formative experience through the innocent nature of Tokachi. It also has the function of an academic “laboratory” as it aims to transmit information throughout the world about the process of research on “re-reading resources” and SDG’s and their social implementation, in collaboration.

This is an unprecedented case of co-creation between a hotel and a university. We “Memu Earth Hotel” will aim to contribute to the local community as well as giving hints and opportunities for the customers to think about co-existence with nature and what essential wealth is. We also would like to play the role of media to transmit ideas on sustainability that will be required in our lives and society from now on.

project chart