Enjoy The Blessings Of The Land,
Along With Its Story

When we focused on the untouched resources of the areas around Tokachi, the natural idea that came up was to propose “sustainability” through food. We are strengthening our cooperation with the local community as we aim to have the hotel function as an accelerator for a recycling society. We are trying to do this by supplying food while protecting the environment, protecting human and animal rights, limiting food waste and converting waste into compost and returning it to the land of contracted farmers. Tokachi is also ‘ a great agricultural society’ and thus has supplied food on the table for the rest of Japan over the years. Due to this historical background, Tokachi has been burden with the fate of producing crops such as that can be provided in large quantities and has resilience towards disease. However because of the biodiversity of our planet of recent , the animal livestock and plants that have adapted to survive and flourish in this land are the best to explain the natural features of Tokachi. We along with the producers are continuing to seek the concept that food is not only what appears on the plate but much more. For example, we try to choose vegetables that allows one to feel the natural sweetness, spice and bitterness, by focusing on the seeds and how they are grown. For wild game, we directly purchase them from local hunters that have through knowledge of the proper methods of hunting and treating the animals, and we try to keep the cooking simple, so as to not have any harshness or bad smell. Our wish is to depict a memorable story of food for the customer, while also being grateful for the blessings of the land. Please enjoy the various seasonal flavors of Tokachi.


Motoki Numata

Born in Obihiro City in 1991. Under the influence of his father who was a Japanese cuisine chef, he went on to become a chef without any hesitation. After graduating from school in Sapporo, he went on to train at a restaurant in Obihiro City. Afterward, he kept training at his family’s restaurant, Gahotei, and also became a sous-chef at “yoshiyuki”, an innovative Italian restaurant in Obihiro. He then went to Tokyo and trained further at “Kanetanaka” before becoming the chef at “MEMU EARTH HOTEL”.